About Robo-Tool

robo-tool is an industrial automation company that specializes in end-of-arm tooling.

Located in Grand Rapids Michigan, we have served the plastic injection molding industry for over 20 years.  Not only do we have a large inventory of stock components, we also have the ability to aid in the design and build of custom end-of-arm tools.  Are knowledge and experience in the industry puts us above the rest!


We offer both round and square profile framing to accommodate our customers.  From small precise micro-tooling to large robust end-of-arm-tooling, we’ve got you covered.  No other automation company can provide the full spectrum of components we have to offer.  We also carry a full line of vacuum components, pneumatic de-gating nippers and blades, grippers, linear and rotary actuators, poly tubing, air fittings, and much more.  We are your complete end-of-arm tooling specialists.


Robo-Tool has a large selection of high-tech end-of-arm-tooling components ready for immediate delivery.  We regularly ship orders within 24 hours.  Custom tooling can be built on site, or in our shop to exact parameters.  This translates into lower cost of ownership with the best possible product.  All of our components are made out of lightweight aluminum, are extremely adjustable, and easy to assemble while focusing on increased production and less wear on your robot.